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Welcome to our community of family and friends! Our mission here at the Destiny Center is to help you Discover and Do the Destiny that God created you to do! We want you to know that you BELONG here! We encourage you to SHARE your success stories with us and with our great global community. We have gathered some great resources to offer you to help you GROW and LEARN so you can become the world-changer God made you!

We hope you will sign up for our ON-LINE classes. They are an amazing value and bring you all the same great teachings that we have in our executive retreats, for a fraction of the cost. Register today!

You can also sign up for our newsletter, and our blog. We believe they will encourage you in different areas of your life, and help raise your confidence so that you will dare to do what you were created to do!  

We want you to be all that God created you to be! 

We know that you can Discover & Do Your Destiny. You can Master You Mind & Rebuild Your Brain!

Thanks for being our friend and joining our growing world-wide community! 

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What other's are saying...
  • Master Your Mind! Rebuild Your Brain! ...think new God thoughts
    Master Your Mind! Rebuild Your Brain! It is possible to think new God thoughts and have a renewed mind! Transformation begins by putting your helmet of hope of salvation back on your mind. You can think God's creative thoughts! ~ James W Goll - Encounters Network - Best Selling Author ...»

    James W Goll Nashville
  • Master Your Mind! Rebuild Your Brain! ...good spiritual teaching
    I found the Master Your Mind! Rebuild Your Brain! "Brain Cleanse" helpful. I really thought it through and found some lies I've been living under for years that have hindered some relationships, and I'm going to work on them! That's good spiritual teaching. ~ Carol Owens - Author ...»

    Carol Owens Los Angeles
  • In "Master Your Mind" Diane Wigstone unlocks truths...
    In "Master Your Mind" Diane Wigstone unlocks some very important truths concerning the relationship of certain spiritual and physiological characteristics that are found in both men and women. Diane writes with the same ease and thought provoking style that she uses with her teaching gift. The st ...»

    Dr. Bill Peters Ph.D. Psychology Los Angeles
  • In Master Your Mind, she guides the reader to discover...
    “Diane Wigstone is a multi-gifted communicator and artist, as well as an innovative leader. In Master Your Mind, she has put her finger on perhaps the single biggest barrier to a fulfilling, satisfying life: your mind. With a sense of gracious precision, she guides the reader to discover how to b ...»

    Rev. Steven Fry Nashville
  • "Master Your Mind " by Diane Wigstone is the best book
    "Master Your Mind " by Diane Wigstone is the best book of its kind I have read. It instructs you in the practical step by step process of renewing the mind. It is a resource I use in my own life and for those to whom I minister. "Master Your Mind" combines revelation knowledge with scientific fac ...»

    Dr. Carla Mueller Plano
  • I highly recommend Master Your Mind!
    After over four decades of prophetic prayer counseling experience, I find Dr. Diane's book, Master Your Mind, to be extremely helpful in my counseling ministry. Her explanation of how the spirit, soul and body can play a key role in our thought process is well reinforced by her excellent use of ...»

    Rev. Barbara Peters Los Angeles
  • Master Your Mind! Rebuild Your Brain! Read on!
    In the early pages of Diane’s newest book she asserts that, “What you think determines who you are.” Can we really change the way we think about God, others, and ourselves? Jesus said, “With God all things are possible.” Diane sets forth practical steps gleaned from God’s word to effect a change ...»

    Dr. Rev. Casey Smith Long Nashville
  • Master Your Mind, Rebuild Your Brain is amazing
    Diane Wigstone’s Book – Master Your Mind, Rebuild Your Brain is an amazing insightful integration of God’s Word and medical science to explain the belief and mind issues we struggle with today. Many leaders have highlighted these ‘Mind’ problems but Diane has masterfully outlined practical steps ...»

    Rev. Dr. Naomi Dowdy Singapore
  • Master Your Mind! Rebuild Your Brain! is a wonderful book!
    Master Your Mind! Rebuild Your Brain! is a wonderful book that is simple, easy to follow and understand yet it is deeply profound in wisdom and insight into the key foundational biblical principle of knowing God, knowing your identity, and knowing your purpose. This book also incorporates how ...»

    Dr. Ché Ahn Senior Pastor, HRock Church Pasadena
  • Customer Service
    Amazing customer service ...»

    Dave W. Chicago, IL
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